Meet the faces behind box on the hill

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Liz and Jase

Meet Liz and Jase - 10 years married with a super duper cute daughter. Liz is the crazy romantic wedding person and Jase is the grounded friendly guy, who finds himself trying to keep up with all his wife’s instructions. (Love you sweetie - can you tell it is Liz writing this?)


Box on the Hill is their baby - only started in 2019 as a collection of accommodation and elopement venues. But they are not new to this elopement bizo having owned a previous elopement venue in  the Coromandel.


They love playing at country living (new additions to the family are Leroy, and Austin the sheep), friendly small towns and beach life. Life is pretty simple and a little bit unplugged in their world. Jase and Liz also live on the same property as Box on the Hill in Waitetuna Valley - handy!